SEO for Non-SEO People: What Everyone Should Know About SEO

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This book is an overview of how search engines work and how to optimize for it - with simple examples to make it accessible for beginners with no previous knowledge.

Why did I create this?

I've been talking with a LOT of people who have heard of SEO but are still wondering how the process of SEO works.

I created this book to help people that don't work with SEO understand more about this world.

What's inside:

  • How Search Engines Work
  • Optimizing for Search engines
  • Why SEO is important
  • How SEO works professionally
  • Target Audience & Product Alignment
  • Content Pillars
  • How to go to the next level

You'll benefit from this if you:

  • Want to learn how SEO works inside companies
  • Want to know how SEO impacts the business
  • Are a startup founder, a leader who is thinking about content
  • Work with Content Creating, Marketing or Product

What you will NOT learn here:

  • Technical SEO: Site architecture, URLs Structures, Craw logs, Internal Linking, Site Speed, Schemas, Rendering, etc.
  • Tracking and Reporting (ex: Google Analytics, Tag Manager)
  • Link Building and/or Off-page SEO
  • Black Hat Techniques


Can I share that content on the Internet?
Nope. You're not allowed to share it publicly.

Do I need any tools?
No. I've geared all the content towards pillars and principles that don't require tools.

Will I learn how to implement SEO?
Short answer: No
Long: You will learn concepts that you can use during your implementation, but since this is a beginner book I did not cover execution since a lot of people reading this will not work directly on the SEO implementation.

Refund Policy

If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, or it's not what you were expecting, reply to the download email within 15 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Parity Pricing

If you're a student or from a low-income country, reach out to me and I'll set the price accordingly. DM me on Twitter (@yurimoreno)

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SEO for Non-SEO People: What Everyone Should Know About SEO

4 ratings
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